Anonymous: Congrats on feeling a little better, I've had hypothyroidism since I was around 20 too. At the same time, you won't completely delete your blog tho, right? I love all your drawings and comments and stuff.

thank you! and no i’m not deleting it, just leaving it behind. well. i mean. i still get emails about messages so lmao i guess i’ll have to disable that in order to truly “leave.” U_U;; thats very nice of you to like my posts„ thank you for saying so ;///;

baby’s first binder

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this is the cover to my school planner and i put heart and star stickers on the real thing and its the best cause hes the best

it’d be cool if there was a way to kill yourself that kinda just solved everything and you wake up and you’re like whoa my life is awesome lets go live it and you’d never feel like a piece of shit ever again wow that’d be cool and while i’m daydreaming lets make ed helms my best friend/lover and we have an awesome duet band where he plays banjo and we both sing and then after a great performance we suddenly pull out guns and rob the bar and rush to the car laughing maniacally and speed back home where we have a money bath and drink a bunch of tasty wine coolers and fall asleep cuddling half-naked with scooby-doo playing on the living room tv

Anonymous: I'm really glad you're okay and I hope everything goes super well in the future! (Health wise and in general) You're one of the folks I follow that I really enjoy seeing on my dash and I was pretty worried about you because you seem like a really nice and cool human. Okay bye!!

crawls across the floor weakly…. .. .. agh.. /A\ thats so nice aaaaaaaaaa thank you„oh my goodness ; - ; i’m sorry i worried you;; thank you for this message!! it was really kind of you! i hope your future goes super well too!!

wow i thought i had a low attention span before i started this medication and now its like i literally can’t do a thing for more than 5 minutes it takes so much willpoweR ARGH argh aarrghh (side effects) also freakin mood swings out the wazoo like i go from ecstatic to mopey back to ecstatic very often and its so weird cries/laughs

im never going to get this homework d o  n   e

lil messages make me feel so happy gee uwu yes praise mE AHH YEA H THE PRAISE IT FEELS THE WAY POPTARTS TASTE (rly good)

no but actually i’m doing hmwk and if you read this and kinda want to like ask me fun or stupid questions/hypothetical situations or anything you want (or recommendations of things! yeh) so i can reward myself for working for a few minutes with fun messages pls


Anonymous: hey bud i just want to say that you are one of the coolest cats i know and i just wish you luck in everything all your thing also i hope u punch ur thyroid problem in the face i hope u punch all ur problems in the face and you walk away the victor!! congratualtion! a trophy for you because you are great!!! (i wish you happiness take care xx)

egghhhhh how nice!! thank you oh man„, hehe yes i will punch that thyroid! that made me laugh 8’D thank you for this message and for the trophy, you’re so sweet to take the time to write this <8’) gives u a hug i wish you happiness too wagh*~*~***~~

sits in a hole and covers self with dirt [news, etc.]

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